the cat sitting week

Last week Otto and I were cat sitting Otto's aunt's cat at their summerhouse outside Oskarshamn. We went for long walks in the forest, ate massive breakfasts, drove over to Ă–land and had ice cream by the sea, went for morning runs and ran faster and longer than ever before, watched films every single night (Swedish thriller in my <3), went to the nearby elk park, had coffee with Otto's grandmother, read wrapped up in blankets in the chilly evening air, and devoured the long lazy days. 

35mm: Swedish summer

It's funny how much more attached I get to analogue photos compared to digital - they feel like little treasures, pieces of art, part of me, in a completely different way. Probably because of how much more important your interaction with the light becomes when you can't see the result straight away but instead have trust your abilities and let go of the control for a while. To celebrate that I've found a medium that feels like home, yet unexplored and exciting + to motivate me to do more, I've created an Instagram account for my 35mm photos! You can find it here: j.stroud35mm

And I've also started posting on my personal instagram again! So if you want to see photos of Otto feeding elks, breakfasts and other random things that happen in life, follow hejjenka.