last photo by  Nastasja

last photo by Nastasja

Summer is over. I can feel it in the chilly morning air, in the scent of the forest (wet moss, decaying mushrooms, and drying leaves), and in how the wind stubbornly finds its way through my jacket. This summer has been filled with amazing, beautiful, blissful moments that may seem simple to the eye, but felt world-changing. Moments that I know I'll treasure the coming year when we're separated by the North Sea, so I'm saving them deep within, in wait for yet another summer and the rest of our lives. 

A weekend in Gothenburg, seen through my phone

Min lilla sovkatt. ♥

Otto and I spent the weekend in Gothenburg, visiting my aunt and her partner at their beautiful summer house by the sea. We ate delicious food, did some sightseeing in the soaking wet weather, were so happy when the sun finally warmed our cheeks again, drank coffee and talked talked talked until late with the murmur of rain and wind as background noise. Spent the sunny Sunday afternoon at Marstrand with food, ice cream, angry sea gulls and the smell of salty waters, before we took the train back home to Småland. So happy and filled with energy after an amazing weekend.

Today I tried to go for a run in the morning, but 2k in I got the worst period cramps ever and decided to lie down in the middle of the forest to wait them out. It didn't succeed, instead I threw up, and walked/crawled home again. The contrasts of life, huh? So I've spent the day taking it easy in the sun, napping, and eating loads of chocolate. Which is not too bad, after all.