En fredagslista

Hörni! Tack för alla peppiga kommentarer på mitt förra inlägg angående mina tankar kring att blogga, det var så fint att få läsa. Och ni har rätt, det lilla i livet är minst lika betydelsefullt och viktigt som det stora, måste bara påminna mig själv om det lite oftare. Jag börjar här, med en fredagslista à la Nastasja, på saker som gör mig glad just nu: 

analoga bilder från barcelona-besöket i mars. 

analoga bilder från barcelona-besöket i mars. 

  • när vänner går på intervjuer för jobb och PhD-platser och skickar sms i caps med tusen utropstecken för att det gick så bra. 
  • den söta doften av fläderblom.
  • att förklara skillnaden mellan svenskans “glad” och “lycklig” för den gulliga personen som jag är så väldigt kär i.
  • att känna sig trygg nog att ta plats och riktigt bre ut sig, skratta högt och prata fort. 
  • att det bara är 12 dagar kvar tills jag har Småländsk mark under fötterna igen. 
  • messengertråden där jag planerar midsommar med min syster. Längtar!!!!!
  • min nya klänning med det knäppaste tigermönstret som jag inte kunde sluta tänka på och var därför helt enkelt tvungen att köpa. Ska äta glass iklädd den i helgen.
  • att konfronteras med svåra situationer på jobbet och fixa det. Känns som jag har vuxit flera centimeter bara den här veckan.  
  • de extra söta dadlarna som flyttat in i vår kyl nu under Ramadan, och Fatou som hela tiden insisterar på att jag ska ta fler.
  • att jag flyttar in i lägenheten i York, blir sambo med Suote, på riktigt nu i helgen. Blir sockerdrickspirrig i hela kroppen av bara tanken. 

p.s. hej till alla som hittat hit genom gulliga Sandra, hoppas ni ska trivas! <3


Although I'm living a very nomadic life atm I've started to get itchy feet again. I need another random, beautiful adventure exploring foreign countries and unknown cities with Otto. So today I've decided to decorate the blog with some black and white 35mm magic from our travels in Macedonia. I shot the majority of this roll in Ohrid, so a lot of churches + lake views + hot boyfriend coming up:

The first frame is, however, from an evening walk in Sofia, Bulgaria. Such a beautiful and vibrant city, need to go back there someday.

Our first day in Ohrid, when a big thunderstorm rolled in over the lake. 


From a day when we were sightseeing in the glaring sun, walked along the castle walls, and took refuge from the heat in chilly churches. I also climbed shit loads of steep stairs + ladders and started crying because of my fear of heights; I really hate the idea that I'm missing out because I'm scared, especially when I'm out travelling, so therefore I always force myself to continue to the highest point even if I can feel the panic rising in my throat. Luckily I really enjoy grand views, so it's all worth it in the end anyway.

That day when we spent hours and hours in a lounge chair by the lake. Occasionally cooled down in the clear water, fell asleep in the sun, and read hundreds of pages in well thumbed books.


And some fragments of an evening when the sunset was unreal and we were people watching on the pier. 



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35mm: Macedonia

35mm: Swedish summer

It's funny how much more attached I get to analogue photos compared to digital - they feel like little treasures, pieces of art, part of me, in a completely different way. Probably because of how much more important your interaction with the light becomes when you can't see the result straight away but instead have trust your abilities and let go of the control for a while. To celebrate that I've found a medium that feels like home, yet unexplored and exciting + to motivate me to do more, I've created an Instagram account for my 35mm photos! You can find it here: j.stroud35mm

And I've also started posting on my personal instagram again! So if you want to see photos of Otto feeding elks, breakfasts and other random things that happen in life, follow hejjenka.


Yesterday I submitted my last psychology essay ever!! Now I only have 1 essay left to write, and then I'm done with my undergraduate degree?!? So, so weird. It's about time though, because my body is aching for sun and rest, and I can't wait for summer to come. I have a feeling this summer will be amazing, this is what I've planned so far:

▸ Since I have my last assignment in the end of April, my summer begins in May already. I'll spend the month trying to squeeze out the last of my life here in Edinburgh. Doing and seeing all the things I love about this city, and I'll probably cry quite a lot too. 

▸ In the beginning of June, my sister Johanna graduates from Norsk Fotofagskole in Trondheim!! I'll be there, of course, and I can't wait until I get to see her again!! 

▸ Straight after Johanna's graduation, Otto and I are going to Macedonia for 3 weeks!! Since our last adventure in Montenegro + Dubrovnik () turned into the most amazing 2 weeks ever, it bodes well for yet another trip to the Balkans. 

▸ In the beginning of July it's time for my graduation?! My family is coming over to celebrate, and I'm already super nervous and excited. 

▸ Then I'll be going back to Sweden to spend some time in the forest. Otto will be joining me and I'm so excited to show him our little farm. 

Summer, please come soon. 


I had such a dreamy weekend together with Otto. As we were both overworked and in desperate need of some rest, we decided to be lazy and spent most of the weekend in bed. But we also cooked massive dinners, spent Friday night on a smoky dance floor with friends, watched films, shaved each other's heads, and stayed up late at night, sharing our dreams and anxieties about the future. On Saturday, while I was in the shower, Otto hid clues all over the flat leading up to a massive easter egg stuffed with Swedish sweets (so cute <3), as a result I ate liquorice until my stomach hurt, and then I ate some more. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend.

Today I've been back in uni + reality, writing on an essay that's due on Thursday. 3 more essays to go and then I'm done with uni (for now)!! 


So can we all just decide that my sister is the prettiest person on Earth? Okay, good. I picked up two rolls of b&w photos yesterday, there are so many nice ones, and I promise to show them all when I'm done with my freaking dissertation (nearly there!!!).

Good things right now: 
- seeing the dissertation all put together, and knowing that it's my own research = so cool.
- that spring is finally here! I've already spent two afternoons drinking coffee in the park, with the sun warming my cheeks.
- my ivy is growing rapidly and my room is starting to look like a jungle. 
- Otto is coming up to Edinburgh on Thursday and is staying to Monday!!! Can't wait. 

Talk to you soon (i.e. when life  dissertation)! 


Some unpublished photos from Kotor, Montenegro.

Some unpublished photos from Kotor, Montenegro.

Otto is moving to London today. He interviewed for an internship last Friday, got it (!!), and is starting tomorrow. So the past week has elapsed in a surreal, emotional blur. Along with finishing up two chapters of my dissertation, attending lectures, and volunteering, I've been spending as much time with Otto as possible. We've been to the cinema, hung out with friends, spent a whole day in bed with pizza and ballerina cookies, made plans for where and when we will see each other next time, and tried to prepare ourselves mentally for being apart. I might have cried once or twice (or all the time), just because life suddenly got so real, and also because I'm a big cry baby. At least we managed to not break down in tears when we said goodbye by the bus stop earlier today, it would've been too hard to let go if we did. 

Even though I currently feel like a lost puppy, I'm not at all scared or worried, I know we will make it. London is only a 4,5h train journey away, and since I have my last deadline the 21st of April (thank God for academia and its ridiculous holidays) it's really only two months until I can get to know London too. 


p.s. I have good news for you scandis in Edinburgh: Nordic Affär has opened again!! So if you're craving some real liquorice, lingongrova or proper coffee, you'll find it at 19 Haddington Place. 

Piggaboda: ducks, snow, and a blue dawn

Some 35mm photos from Piggaboda. Every time uni chaos hits I want to escape here, deep into the forest where the silence lives. Spend my days with the animals, go for walks, lose myself in books, and just breathe. But instead the final draft of my dissertation is due in two weeks and I spend my days staring into screens. It's okay though, I'm in no position to complain at all, because I really do love studying. Also, the past few weeks I've been in such a good study flow, probably due to how absurd and amazing it is to see how the dissertation takes shape, to realise that it's all coming together. That it's becoming something, rather than just being an abstract concept. My very own work. How odd. 

Also, some of you asked if you could read the essay I wrote on pornography in the beginning of this year, I didn't want to share it before it had been marked (because of plagiarism etc.) but since we finally got our grades back a couple of days ago, you can now find it here if you're curious! 

Edinburgh: lightleaks and lightshows

Let's have a look at Edinburgh through the lens of my Zenith: 

Back in October when the trees were still dressed in leaves, filtering the hazy sunlight. 

And the ground was covered in all colours of autumn. 

And a windy walk up Arthur's Seat with Fatou. 

Another time we had coffee and cake at the Elephant House. We talked about first year, when everything was new and exciting and scary, and wrote Christmas cards to our Irish family. 

With this view outside the window. 

The day before I flew to Sweden for Christmas, Otto and I had our own little mini-Christmas. Apart from Italian meatballs and taking the wrong bus home, it also involved the Another Minimalism exhibition at the Fruit Market Gallery. This was my favourite piece. And my favourite person, of course. 

And finally, the dusk descending over the roof tops of Edinburgh. 

35mm winter


Some photos I took in Småland during a walk with my sister, just as the firsts signs of winter put a thin layer of ice on the lake. Here in Edinburgh the birds are chirping and the grass smells like early spring, but as this is my last winter here and I haven't seen Edinburgh covered in snow yet (just look at this magic), I keep on hoping for snow. 

Just a couple of hours after I submitted my essay on Friday I came down with a horrendous cold. So I've spent the weekend in (Otto's bed), sneezing, coughing, and feeling sorry for myself. But I've also read Harry Potter, made sushi with Otto, and slept over 10h/night, so it hasn't all been bad.