This weekend was a very sad one here in Piggaboda, as we had to say goodbye to our little dog Bamse. </3 He jumped down from the bed on Thursday morning and when he landed he started screaming in pain (it was the most heartbreaking thing ever) and he wouldn't move. We drove him to the vet who thought that he had an internal bleeding, but as Bamse also had a heart murmur his heart wouldn't make it through surgery - and we had to put him down. It was the saddest day ever and we cried our hearts out. Now he's resting next to his dad Snobben, and our other dog Plum, under the Hawthorn tree. At least he got 13 years of the best life a dog could wish for. <3 


So this weekend we've been out for a lot of long walks since walking in quiet forests is the best thing to do when you're sad. Our farm borders the grounds of a Baron; thousands of hectors of forest upon forest, walking there is like walking through no man's land = best thing ever when you don't want to see people. Johanna and I picked a basket full of the biggest chanterelles we've ever seen and listened to the silence. 


On Friday morning the forest was wrapped in a thick fog, and with the sun shining through everything was covered in a peculiar white light. We walked down to the lake first thing in the morning and sat down on the deck, talked about everything that came to mind while looking out on the still water. 

Saturday and another walk. We had no luck in picking chanterelles, but the forest was ever so autumnal. We also drove 26 km (one way) just to buy sweets for our movie night. Very reasonable if you live out in the middle of nowhere like we do.

Yesterday we (Johanna, Pär and I) walked along the old railway track down to the lake and swam in the dark waters. It was much warmer than I expected? So weird but nice to be able to go for a swim in September. 

Tomorrow I'm leaving Piggaboda for a week(ish) in Uppsala, and then I'm heading to York!! And even if I'm beyond excited to see Otto, to see my new home town for the first time, and start uni again (!!) - I know I'll miss the forest, all the animals, my family, and the slow-paced way of life here in Piggaboda. It's been a good summer.