I’ve survived my first week in York, and thereby officially made it through the hardest time of moving abroad/to a new city. Yay!! I’m starting to feel at home in my flat and to find my way around town.

With the help of google maps I found a potential running route and went out at dawn on Friday morning to escape the worst traffic. I got lost once or twice, but I also saw a hot air balloon fly into the horizon, met a flock of sheep grazing an endless field, and ran along the quiet river in the crisp morning air. 

On Friday night I skipped the pub quiz for postgraduates and embraced my solitude with cheese and a good book instead. That's what has been the biggest difference so far compared to when I moved to Edinburgh; back then I was so afraid that I'd be alone for the rest of my life, and therefore desperately took every opportunity there was to meet new people. This time I allow myself to take it slow and stay in if I don't have the energy to socialise. I'm constantly trying to lower the expectations and pressures that I put on myself, to be my own best friend - and to be able to be this comfortable in my own company feels like a very big step in the right direction.

But I didn't have to be alone for very long, because look who's here!! Fatou is going to do a MA in Religion and Public life at the University of Leeds, and since she hasn’t found a place to live yet, and Leeds is only 20 mins away by train (!!!), she’s staying with me until she finds somewhere to live. AAH LIFE. You can’t imagine how nice it feels to have her here, and knowing that she’ll be so close for the year ahead. <3 

Today we studied + looked for flats in a café for a few hours, hung out by the river in the sun, explored the food festival that's on this week in York, managed to grab some heavenly brownies for 50p just as the market was closing, and had a floor picknick (as I don't have any chairs yet...) when we got back home. By far the best Sunday activities. 

Tomorrow is my first day of uni!!! We have induction between 10-16, and I'm so, so, so excited (and also a bit nervous) to meet everyone! Wish me luck!!!