On Wednesday I went for a walk through York and brought my camera, yay! Here are some snippets from my new hometown: 

Have you ever seen anything more British? No? I didn't think so. It's like stepping into a Harry Potter world - especially the Shambles, it’s literally Diagon Alley, albeit full of tourists.

The whole city centre smells of sweet chocolate, and as you make your way through the center you catch glimpses of York Minster between the buildings. York Minster is the biggest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe (I learned that during a History of York talk for all the International Postgraduates at Uni of York, hehe) and so, so beautiful! Also, it's so hard to photograph cities and buildings? There are so many lines and angles! I felt a bit rusty after spending 2 months in the forest photographing soft things like trees and animals. 

The last few days I have, apart from taking walks through the city, explored the campus, found the building for Women's Studies, and attended some Postgraduate Induction talks. Done pre-course reading in the library, been to a Postgraduate BBQ that my college (yes! they have a collegiate system at Uni of York, very British) arranged, and met so many nice and friendly people. 

So far I really, really like it here. I have a feeling that this is going to be a good year.