I made it safely to York, got the keys to my flat (it's so nice!) and have spent the last 36 hours unpacking my stuff and trying to figure out the basics of life (i.e. where to buy food). I've gone through every emotion in the spectrum (from euphoric to uncontrollably sad), like you do when you move to a new place, a new country, where you know nothing or no one. Luckily Otto pieced me back together last night over the phone, and I feel like a person again.

Anyway, everything feels so new and foreign (and amazing too!!) that I haven't really got the words to describe it all right now. Let's look at my 6 days in Uppsala instead:

After 3 weeks apart the adrenaline was rushing through my body as I stepped of the train, seeing each other again was even more amazing than I imagined. Otto showed me the ecosystem that he has built during these weeks, the main components of his new life. We went to the library to study, we discussed ideas for one of his essays (it was so fun, I can't wait until I get to study again), and ate lunch at the konditori he usually goes to. We explored the city, were amazed by the art gallery (like we tend to be), walked through the gardens, and went to a short film screening. We biked to Gamla Uppsala, climbed the hills and ate brownies in the shade, and later the same day we made our own party hats and threw a kräftskiva together with Otto's friends. Did everyday things like eating breakfast, falling asleep/waking up next to each other, buying food together, walking hand in hand in silence, watching movies in bed - all the little things that you value 1000 times more when you're apart.

p.s. till dig som kom fram till mig på lördagsnatten och sa att du gillar min blogg; tack tack tack igen! Jag blev så himla, himla överrumplad att jag inte riktigt vet om jag fick fram det jag ville säga, men tack! Du gjorde mig så fnissigt glad. <3