Photo by Johanna (of course <3). 

Okay, so this whole moving-to-york-business is starting to feel real. I’ve enrolled online, been given a student number and have access to our student portal. I’ve signed a contract for a studio flat, I’ve booked my plane tickets, and I’ve introduced myself to the rest of my class in our student blog (everyone seems so nice!!). Now I just need to wait. 

Seeing everyone else going back to work and uni after summer while I’m still in some kind of holiday mode has made me feel like I’m in a time vortex where nothing makes sense. The sun just goes up and down, endlessly. I’m restless, and even if I try to enjoy the utter privilege of being able to spend the summers in an Astrid Lindgren-saga, my whole being is itching for a purpose and a context again. For studying. For learning. Although, I have to admit that I'm a tiny bit worried that my brain will have turned to absolute mush during these 4 months of summer holiday.

The 19th of September I’ll arrive in the city where I’ll spend the coming year, the place where I'll once again build a life from scratch; make new friends, learn new things, probably have a few mental breakdowns, discover new favourite places, laugh, cry, and let life happen. My new home. I can’t wait.