Pink waters and a dark forest

Look who took the train down from Borås to hang with me and Otto for a couple of days - Nastasja!! I hadn't seen her since November last year so I was over the moon. 

We did typical countryside things like fishing in the most incredible sunset! 

And look!!!

Nastasja caught her first pike, ever!! We threw it back in again, of course. But still! Since we're not very savvy fishers we were so excited and surprised.

And look at this amazing sunset?? Thank you, Piggaboda. 


To our left the moon climbed the sky and I got the chance to use one of my favourite Swedish words; mångata.  

We stayed until the daylight disappeared and the previous day was just an orange glow in the horizon.

We also picked bilberries! Another typical activity when you live in the middle of a forest. 

These two ♥ 

And filled another basket with edible gold. We also had a lot of fika, watched Lawless, talked talked talked, and just enjoyed being in the same place for once. Thank you internet and the blog world for this incredible person. ♥