a walk at 4 in the morning

I'm back in Sweden again to spend the rest of the summer here in the forest. The first morning back in Småland I woke up at dawn by the sound of the cranes and decided to go for a walk in the misty morning air. Nature is stiller than it was a month ago, it's like the greenery is as lush as it can get and now, instead of hysterically trying to bloom, it's resting in all its splendour. I listened to bird sounds in the distance (black-throated loon, woodcock, crane), ate my first homegrown pear of the year, got cuddled/followed by our cats, and was blown away by the beauty of the burning sky. When I climbed into bed again an hour later, my limbs were cold as ice, but my mind quieter and calmer than it's been in a long time.