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Här samlar jag vardag och äventyr, och texter om det som känns. Träning utan ångest. Och frukost, mycket frukost.

the hottest day of the year

the hottest day of the year

Yesterday, which was to be the hottest day of the year, I woke up here. Otto always reads the news first thing in the morning, while I'm scrolling instagram.. hehe. 

We had breakfast, and I got ready to meet up with Fatou. 

We had decided to seize the amazing weather and climb to the top of Arthur's Seat! 

We were geeky and cute with matching tote bags that we got from the QMU graduation reception. 

We started our walk to the top! We skipped the normal route and took a more scenic (and steeper) one.

Fatou was feeling the summer so she decided to take off her shoes and walk barefoot!

Almost there! We stopped to cool down in the breeze (and to catch pokémon!) and look at the view. 

How can it be so pretty?? I don't understand. 

At the top! 

Dogs!! First time I've ever seen dogs up there. The German Shepherd was loving life. 

Hello, you ant sized little people down there. 

I said "I love this city!" so many times, but I really do.  

Then we climbed down again. I also want to point out that Fatou was STILL barefoot. ♡

We sat down in the grass, ate some melon and talked about politics, summer and life. 

Fatou needed to study for an iSyllabus exam that she was taking the next day so we headed back down again. 

I hugged Fatou goodbye and started walking through the city, past Dean Village. 

Up to the Modern Art Gallery. 

Where Otto was lying in the sun on the mound outside Modern One. If there's a sunny day in Edinburgh you'll most likely find us here, reading and eating lunch. The shape of the mound shields from the most stubborn of winds and it always gets super hot up there - not that it was needed yesterday.

This is what I'm reading right now! I read Things Fall Apart by Achebe in highschool, really liked it, and decided that it was time to read more of his work. So far it's really good! We read and got fried in the sun (I had forgotten to put on sunscreen.. very big mistake) until the gallery closed at 5. 

Later we had the most summery dinner in the garden: hotdogs, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and potato salad. It was so good. 

The setting sun tinted the chimneys red, and the air was hot and humid. 

Then we read some more, edited photos and I turned into a lobster. End of the hottest day of the year! 

MY GRADUATION! (or that time we all dressed up like Harry Potter)

MY GRADUATION! (or that time we all dressed up like Harry Potter)

a Sunday in Edinburgh

a Sunday in Edinburgh