a Sunday in Edinburgh

Let's have a look at what I did yesterday: 

I woke up at 7 and did some reading for the MA in Women's Studies that I'm starting in September - so exciting! I also researched some PhD opportunities for next year, better to start early etc. I'm considering to do it in Sweden, but it seems so hard to get accepted? Or should I stay and do it in the UK? Don't know. 

After a couple of hours my stomach was screaming for food, so I woke Otto up and we had breakfast: greek yoghurt, nectarines, egg, cheese sandwiches, and turkish coffee. 

After breakfast I got ready and put on my face. A lot of you have been asking about my eyeshadow; it's from Mac in the shades Honey Lust and Star Violet! They're my absolute favourites out of the eyeshadow palette that I bought to treat myself after getting accepted to York - I've been using them so much that they're almost out.

And how nice are the (bottom) earrings that my family gave me for my graduation? They're kind of L-shaped, but from the front they look like straight lines. I've been wearing them every day, I love how simple they are, yet not too subtle. And they go so well together with the flat round ones I got from Nastasja for christmas.

After breakfast we took the bus into town.

At Princes Street we got new glasses for Otto, picked up a book from Waterstones, went on a hunt for black, leather loafers (also for Otto), and fought our way through the sea of tourists. 

After a little food break in Princes Street Gardens we went to the National Portrait Gallery to check out the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2015 exhibition that is on right now. It's the second time I've seen it and it's really 10/10, so amazing. It's on until the 2nd October and it's free, so go see it if you're in Edinburgh!

And look at this artsy photo person, he's 10/10 too. 

We walked back to Otto's place and rested our legs for 10 mins before it was time to head down to the shore. 

We had booked a table at Café Tartine! It's our new favourite restaurant in Edinburgh, the food (especially the mussels) is heavenly. 

1kg mussels for Otto, and 0.5kg for me. In creamy garlic and white wine sauce, with chips and bread. Mmmm.

We ate and ate and ate until we morphed into mussels. Then we rolled back home and spent the rest of the night playing Pokémon! I feel like I'm 10 years old again and it's great.