I've been in Edinburgh for a week now. Three hours ago I hugged my family goodbye as they climbed into the taxi that took them to the airport. I had the best graduation - I'll tell you all about it when my sister sends me the photos that she took - and the best week together with my family. We've been all over the place (my phone tells me we've been taking 20,000 - 33,000 steps/day, phew) and I've showed them everything touristy + my best spots in Edinburgh, had so much amazing food, and just enjoyed spending time together again. 

On Sunday we decided to have a quiet day and hung out in their airbnb flat most of the day. But we also took the bus to Portobello Beach and had greasy, delicious fish & chips to the sound of the waves, walked along the shore in the rain, and talked to all the dogs we could find.