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Our first day in Ohrid: thunder, churches and turkish coffee.

Our first day in Ohrid: thunder, churches and turkish coffee.

Hello! I'm so sorry I'm a perpetually bad blogger, but screens are so boring during summer?! And especially when you're on holiday. Anyway, last Monday, after driving around the whole of Macedonia (+ to Sofia in Bulgaria!), we landed in Ohrid, a little city that is perched between the mountains by Lake Ohrid. We've been savouring the history and culture of this place, swimming in the lake, collecting freckles in the sun, going for morning runs along the still water, eating more watermelon than I thought possible (it costs 25p/kg here!! never been happier), reading and playing chess. This is what our first day looked like:   

I woke up around 5 and watched the sunrise from our balcony, the city was completely still and quiet and the air was so easy to breathe. Then I crawled back into our warm bed and slept for a couple of more hours. 

I had breakfast on the balcony with this guy! We've been eating all our meals out on here for the past week and it's been the best thing ever = I must have a balcony in my future home. 

Our weather apps told us that it was going to thunder the whole day, but since we couldn't see any signs of storm we were sceptic. 

We sat out to explore the streets of Ohrid. It's such a beautiful, lush little place. I stopped every 3 meters and forced Otto to look at cool/weird/pretty trees and flowers and cats. :)

But then the sky started to darken and we could hear thunder in the distance. So decided to check it out and made our way to the lake shore. 

We walked along the boardwalk.


Until we ended up at the church of St. John at Kaneo (i.e. the church that is in every photo and postcard of Ohrid) where we found a spot on a cliff to watch the storm roll in over the lake. It was the most beautiful, majestic thing I've ever seen. Nature <333

When the storm started picking up we headed back into the city for shelter. 

We stopped for pizza lunch at a restaurant just next to church of St. Sofia. According to legend Ohrid once had 365 churches, one for every day of the year, and even if there aren't that many now you see churches everywhere you turn. 

After lunch we walked along the lake, picked up some food for dinner and headed back home.

We got home just in time as the storm hit the city, and we spent the afternoon playing chess on the balcony to the sound of the rain. 

But after a while we had to move inside because the rain got so heavy that it started to rain in on us. 

Although I had to run back out all the time just to look at THIS. You couldn't make out the silhouette of the mountains for all the rain and I had a little double rainbow moment on the balcony.

Otto beat me in chess. Twice. And since I'm the worst loser you can imagine I was super grumpy afterwards :)) But Otto made us turkish coffee so then naturally I stopped moping around. 

As the sunset painted the sky red orange purple and pink we had watermelon salad with feta cheese and olives for dinner, and that was our first day in Ohrid. Today is our last day, and the weather app says that it's going to be another thunderstorm!! Hope so. 

p.s. I was too lazy to carry around my heavy DSLR this summer so all the photos from the past month are taken with my little point and shoot camera. I thought it'd compromise the photo quality a lot, but I'm so surprised by how good the camera is keeping up?? 

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