When in Småland.

When I'm in Sweden I always lose contact with the rest of the world; I haven't checked facebook since forever, I don't touch my laptop and I barely use my phone. And when I do, it's like snapping out of the most perfect dream. Right now I spend my days drinking strong coffee in the sun, going for morning runs through the forest while the air still feels cold, taking long walks with our little dog, playing with our cats who still behave like kittens although they're getting old, swimming in dark lakes to escape the heat, spending time with my family, eating ice cream (I <3 Oatly), and working on the farm until the sweat trickles down my back (today I woke up with sore muscles and blisters on my hands, conclusion: the city has made me soft).

On Wednesday we're flying to Trondheim to celebrate my hard working, talented sister who's graduating from Norsk Fotofagskole! But until then I'm going to continue to soak up the Swedish summer and spend as much time in the forest as possible, so if it goes quiet in here you know where to find me. How are you? Is summer treating you well? I hope so.