Postcard from Skopje, Macedonia

Just a quick little update on what is happening in life right now. Otto and I flew from London early on Saturday morning and spent two days in Skopje before continuing our travels out towards the west of Macedonia. Skopje was mesmerising, beautiful and so alive. It took ages for us to get from A to B because we constantly had to stop and point and wow at everything. We met the nicest people, made new friends and took one or two breaths of relief as the worry of racist encounters wore off with every smile (you don't want to know how much bullshit we, or rather Otto, had to put up with last summer in Montenegro). On Monday morning we hit the windy road to Mavrovo National Park with its blue mountains and still lake, but I'll show you that later because there's no time for screens when there's so much to see and do and photograph and eat. Talk to you soon!