Trondheim, the night club degree exhibition, and a first class honours degree

During our five days in Trondheim we took the boat out to Munkholmen where we had ice cream in the sun, dipped our feet in the sea and had a stone skipping tournament. We strolled down the narrow streets skirted with wooden houses in every colour, raced up the steep hills to the Kristiansen Fortress, and got freckly in the sun. We ate the best food, had the nicest evening in Johanna's and Pär's flat, and were amazed over the perpetual daylight at this time of year up north. But the highlight of the whole trip was (of course) Johanna's degree exhibition! The work was truly incredible, I was so impressed - especially by Johanna, I'm so proud of her. They had a barbeque, a bar, a photo booth where we took funny family photos, and when time approached midnight the place turned into a night club. Johanna, Pär and I stayed and silly danced with her friends the whole night, it was so much fun. I filmed a fair bit of our trip, so as soon as I've edited the footage I'll put up a little video for you as well! 

I was so sad to leave Johanna there in Trondheim, since I haven't met her since Christmas it was the nicest thing to be able to spend so much time with her, but luckily I'll get to see her in 3 weeks again when it's my turn to graduate. At midnight on Sunday, when we were on our way home from Trondheim, they released our degree classifications. I tried to open the portal using the unreliable train wifi; with 1,000 nervous forth year students simultaneously trying to access their grades the portal expectedly crashed, and it took me two hours before I managed to log in. I teared up when I saw the words Classification: First Class at the bottom of the page, and then I broke down sobbing when I saw that I got freaking 83% on my dissertation?! I still can't believe it. As promised I've uploaded my dissertation for you to read! You can find it here if you're curious.