Sunday and Monday in the sun.

Edinburgh has been beyond dreamy the last couple of days, unfortunately I came down with a horrible cold on Saturday night so I've bed bound for most of it.  

But on Sunday the sun was shining and the sky was blue, and when that happens in Edinburgh you just can't stay inside, no matter how ill you are. So I took a walk down to the shore. 

With this superstar. 

We were deviant and walked on the roof of an abandoned boat. 

Took thousands of photos of the glimmering water and the boats, and had extensive conversations about identity and nationality (naturally a reoccurring topic for two little foreigners like us). 

Can you believe that these are offices? Cool right?? Even I'd consider working in an office if it was on a boat.

Then I needed my bed really badly, so we headed home. Fatou spoiled me with both homemade soup and fruit salad (she's the best at taking care of me when I'm sick), while I spent the evening watching House of Cards.

Yesterday morning I felt completely well again (thanks to Fatou's brilliant care, I'm sure), and the non-Edinburgh-esque weather continued so we decided that it was time for a little excursion to the beach. We brought fruit salad (and vanilla sugar) that we ate behind a wall in cover of the strong wind. 

Look how hazy it was!! My favourite kind of sunshine. 

The beach was spotted with these perfectly circular little holes, from some kind of worm or crab maybe? 

I should start a new photo series: Fatou looking like a movie star while taking photos with her phone. 

What's this, an attempt to an atmospheric photo? No, I just stepped in dog poo and needed to wash it off... at least it made for a good photo, right? 

After a couple of hours Fatou went home to write on her last essay. I took the bus to town and met up with Carina, we sat down in Princes Street gardens where we talked and talked and talked while the sun rested on our cheeks. Such a good day. I wish the sun would stay forever.