Spring in Edinburgh.

The cherry blossoms are finally blooming, the blackbird's song lingers in the air and the wind is warm. Walking on these streets, knowing that I have to leave all this behind so soon makes me so incredibly sentimental. My heart goes soft at the sight of the church towers, the narrow alleys and Arthur's Seat, and I cling to every moment to make it last longer.*

Otherwise my head is empty. The mind space that uni left behind still hasn’t been filled, and when I’m not constantly doing things, seeing things, I get restless. So incredibly restless. So yesterday I was out walking for 6 hours in the hazy sunshine. After 3 hours Fatou joined me, we had our first ice cream of the year in the sun (it was so worth it, even if our allergic bodies reacted accordingly) and were ecstatic over the fact that spring is finally here. We walked around the city, up the Castle Hill which smells of daffodils, and down the Royal Mile which is slowly filling up with tourists. We were completely exhausted when we came home. We spent the rest of the evening cooking a tuna omelette, reading books and watching videos. We also witnessed the most amazing sunset ever, it looked like another world, and we were shouting so loud of excitement that the people on Leith Walk turned their heads.

*But every time I get a mail from the University of York my body goes all numb for a while, and starts to tingle with the adrenaline rushing through my veins - I know I’m making the right decision, I’m just very bad with goodbyes.