Leaving Edinburgh.


Update: Yesterday I moved out of our flat. My life currently fits in 4 boxes and 1 suitcase of clothing. I cried when hugging Fatou goodbye, and I'm probably still in denial of the fact that yesterday was our last day as flatmates. I'm now in Sweden where I'll be spending the next week before I fly to Norway for my sisters graduation. 

When I moved to Edinburgh on September 7 2012, my knees were shaking as I stepped off the plane and I had no clue what to expect. In Edinburgh I found a home, a family of closely knitted friends (with whom you laugh until you cry every day), I found a passion for feminism and academia, courage and stability. I found pieces of myself I thought I lost, discovered new ones, and changed. I built a life from scratch.

Although I'll be back in July for my graduation the end feels very tangible. I'm sad, and happy, excited for the things to come, and so grateful for these 4 years. Edinburgh, you've been so good to me.