A weekend with Otto.

Otto was in Edinburgh this weekend (yay for bank holidays)!! It was the best. On Saturday we picked up my glasses (I'll show you soon!), had breakfast with the morning sun shining through the window and stopped by Nordic Affär to say hi to Otto's mum. We browsed the shops on Princes Street and headed for the National Gallery of Modern Art which is our favourite place in Edinburgh. We had lunch and read in the sun on the landform outside, and saw some art, of course. We had our one year anniversary last week (!), so on Sunday we celebrated with a candlelit dinner at a french restaurant called Café Tartine, the food was heavenly and my date was even better. ♥ Afterwards we went out and met up with friends, listened to some jazz, and finished off the day at 3 am by watching youtube videos and eating crisps in bed. Yesterday Otto took the train back to London, and although I get to see him in less than two weeks again I always get so emotional when we say goodbye. Long distance sucks. But soon we get to spend a whole summer together - I can't wait.