Cherry blossoms, a new piercing and my favourite people.

Hello, just wanted to check in on your and say hi. Life is spinning so fast right now. A little re-cap of what has happened lately: 

 I've turned 25. A quarter of a century. I thought that I'd be freaked out by the big, scary number, but instead I feel so grateful and happy for the life I have. I really couldn't wish for more. Otto and Fatou spoiled me with the nicest presents, and check out what I made for dinner: mussels in a creamy white whine sauce, shrimps, home made garlic bread and chips. It was heavenly. Imagine what masterpieces I'd create if I actually enjoyed cooking, lol. 

✧ The day before my birthday I was in the pharmacy when my phone rang. It was a guy who said that he had a delivery for me and told me to stay where I was and he'd come drop it off. A bit surprised and puzzled I waited. 5 minutes later he came in the door with the biggest bouquet of red roses that made all the people in the pharmacy go "aaaw", it was from my parents as a little birthday hello - so cute. <3 

✧ I've also managed to win a £100 Amazon voucher from my uni through participating in a survey?! I'm going to buy books (of course), so if you have any must-reads let me know!

✧ Speaking of books, I'm finally reading again! I almost thought that my brain was broken because I've been unable to concentrate on anything for more than 3 minutes, but now, after some well-needed rest, I can finally lose myself in books again. 

✧ I got a septum piercing! I've been wanting a new piercing for ages, but couldn't decide on what to get, but I finally settled on a septum. It's strange because it feels like it's always been there, which I guess is a good sign. 

✧ And finally, one of my texts is featured in Myller! It's a new Swedish zine, and I feel so flattered to be among such amazing writers. Get your own copy here

Otherwise I'm trying to soak up everything about life in Edinburgh. Exploring new streets, memorising old ones, becoming soft as a kitten in the Turkish baths, learning how to make timelapses, escaping the violent rain in narrow alleys, taking slow walks in the hazy sun, and spending as much time with my little Edinburgh family as possible before leaving for Sweden, Norway, and Macedonia (!) for some summer adventures. I'm determined to blog more (hence the new design!) so I'll speak to you soon, okay? Hope life is treating you well.