Bye, bye dissertation.

SO GUESS WHAT?? ! I submitted my dissertation today!!!! 

Here it is!!! 1000 hours of work (or at least it feels that way) squeezed into 50 pages. 50 pages that make up 27% of my degree. In the end it turned out pretty great, and it feels good to be able to say that I produced a piece of work that I'm actually really proud of. Some of you wondered what it's about, and I've basically been looking at how feminism challenges normative discourses of gender, and how that impacts on women's sense of self. Quite abstract, but so interesting. I'll upload it online once it's marked so you can have a look if you're curious.

And look what Fatou left on my desk while I was gone (+ two chocolate muffins that we had for fika earlier)!! She's way, way too sweet. <3 Now I'm going to do NOTHING (oh, the luxury) until it's time to meet Otto at the train station!! So many exclamation marks, and so much excitement in this post, haha. Hope life is treating you well, and hopefully I'll be able to spend more time on this little internet corner now.