I had such a dreamy weekend together with Otto. As we were both overworked and in desperate need of some rest, we decided to be lazy and spent most of the weekend in bed. But we also cooked massive dinners, spent Friday night on a smoky dance floor with friends, watched films, shaved each other's heads, and stayed up late at night, sharing our dreams and anxieties about the future. On Saturday, while I was in the shower, Otto hid clues all over the flat leading up to a massive easter egg stuffed with Swedish sweets (so cute <3), as a result I ate liquorice until my stomach hurt, and then I ate some more. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend.

Today I've been back in uni + reality, writing on an essay that's due on Thursday. 3 more essays to go and then I'm done with uni (for now)!!