a weekend in London

Hey, long time no see! I'm an awful blogger right now, but in return I’m a good student and the happiest girlfriend. I had the nicest weekend together with Otto in London, and being back in Edinburgh with a dissertation to write is not very fun and exciting in comparison. 

On Friday I got on the bus to London while the rest of the city was sleeping and birdsong filled the cold air. I passed fields spotted with white sheep, mountains still covered in snow and cities enveloped in the thick fog, and tried to work on my dissertation while England turned into a blur outside the window. 12h later I arrived in London and was shocked by how many people can fit into a city, and once again I realised that I'm still a little farmer kid at heart. 

It was Otto's birthday and he had spent the day pretending to buy luxury cars to collect data for work, I thought it was the funniest thing since he can’t even drive. We celebrated with late night sushi and presents (I gave him a Chemex, which might be the prettiest coffee maker in the world and, luckily, it makes great coffee too), before we fell asleep in the crispy white hotel sheets, completely exhausted. 

 ♥ ♥ ♥

 ♥ ♥ ♥

We spent the weekend exploring London, and Otto showed me around in the area where he works. We went to the aquarium where we got pushed around by demon kids, and panicked over the fact that people only looked at the fishes through their phones or cameras (it felt like we had stepped into an episode of Black Mirror). We had coffee in the sun and cardamom buns at a Swedish bakery. We fell asleep in the cinema while watching Hail, Caesar! and left halfway through the film. Ate so much nice food and I inevitably (because it's impossible to find citric acid free food while eating out) broke my non-citric acid diet, it was so worth it even if I my skin flared up in rashes. And were just so, so happy to be together again.

My camera barely left my bag as I was way too busy enjoying every second, so unfortunately I don't have much else to show than the photos above. I promise I'll become a better blogger once the uni chaos is over (only 1.5 months to go?!). Hope life is treating you well, speak to you soon!