Jag heter Jennifer och det här är min blogg.

Här samlar jag vardag och äventyr, och texter om det som känns. Träning utan ångest. Och frukost, mycket frukost.


So guys, I have big news, I got accepted to a masters degree!! 

On Monday, while studying in the library, I casually opened my mail and got such a shock when I saw this. Fatou was sitting on the other side of the table and I could barely communicate what was happening. Completely shaky I texted Otto:

Who of course had the best reply. I was sweating and shaking, my heart was pounding and I couldn't sit still, so Fatou and I went out to the atrium where we found Evelyn, Nora and Jenny, i.e. the rest of the power row (yes, that's what our lecturers called us during 1st and 2nd year, lol) and told them the good news. They hugged me hard and eventually I calmed down again from the adrenaline rush.

To celebrate, Fatou treated me with cake and ice cream at the Elephant House. The rain fell heavily on the window panes, and around us people were playing cards or reading books. We talked about the future, and the years we've had together here in Edinburgh (thought: how will I manage without Fatou??). Later, when I was full of cake, I went to Otto's place and helped him finish up the last things for his masters applications, and then curled up in his bed, completely exhausted and so, so happy. 

Yesterday, the official offer letter arrived, and suddenly everything started to feel more real. So, this autumn I'm moving to York to study!!! It's exciting, and scary, and exciting. 

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