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Some unpublished photos from Kotor, Montenegro.

Some unpublished photos from Kotor, Montenegro.

Otto is moving to London today. He interviewed for an internship last Friday, got it (!!), and is starting tomorrow. So the past week has elapsed in a surreal, emotional blur. Along with finishing up two chapters of my dissertation, attending lectures, and volunteering, I've been spending as much time with Otto as possible. We've been to the cinema, hung out with friends, spent a whole day in bed with pizza and ballerina cookies, made plans for where and when we will see each other next time, and tried to prepare ourselves mentally for being apart. I might have cried once or twice (or all the time), just because life suddenly got so real, and also because I'm a big cry baby. At least we managed to not break down in tears when we said goodbye by the bus stop earlier today, it would've been too hard to let go if we did. 

Even though I currently feel like a lost puppy, I'm not at all scared or worried, I know we will make it. London is only a 4,5h train journey away, and since I have my last deadline the 21st of April (thank God for academia and its ridiculous holidays) it's really only two months until I can get to know London too. 


p.s. I have good news for you scandis in Edinburgh: Nordic Affär has opened again!! So if you're craving some real liquorice, lingongrova or proper coffee, you'll find it at 19 Haddington Place. 

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