Hello, long time no see. I've been so freaking busy lately that there's been no time left for my little internet corner. I have 6 assignments that are due on the 16th of January, but since I want to be able to relax during Christmas (and also because I'm a chronic overachiever who don't know when or how to stop, heh) I'm trying to get the majority of the work done before. So far I've managed to finish my quantitative methods report, 1/4 of my qualitative methods assignments, and 1/2 of my essay on feminist theory. Phew.

Apart from studying I've also hung out with Fatou who came over from Leeds on Monday <333 We had the nicest day (as seen in the photos). The air was wintery cold and we walked around the whole of York, ate pancakes with goat cheese, drank coffee, and just caught up on life. I miss living with her so much. I've also had dinner with Nastia and Josie at a vegan restaurant (I had the most amazing corn fritters, I'm still dreaming about them), we sat there for ages and talked about feminism and academia until the restaurant closed and we had to leave. I have the best friends. And tomorrow I'm flying to Sweden for Christmas!! I'll be spending 10 days in Uppsala with Otto, then I'm going to Borås to visit Nastasja, and lastly down to Småland to celebrate Christmas with my family. I'm so excited. 


p.s. min talangfulla, fantastiska syster har skaffat en ny blogg!!! Äntligen. Ni hittar den här