Although I'm living a very nomadic life atm I've started to get itchy feet again. I need another random, beautiful adventure exploring foreign countries and unknown cities with Otto. So today I've decided to decorate the blog with some black and white 35mm magic from our travels in Macedonia. I shot the majority of this roll in Ohrid, so a lot of churches + lake views + hot boyfriend coming up:

The first frame is, however, from an evening walk in Sofia, Bulgaria. Such a beautiful and vibrant city, need to go back there someday.

Our first day in Ohrid, when a big thunderstorm rolled in over the lake. 


From a day when we were sightseeing in the glaring sun, walked along the castle walls, and took refuge from the heat in chilly churches. I also climbed shit loads of steep stairs + ladders and started crying because of my fear of heights; I really hate the idea that I'm missing out because I'm scared, especially when I'm out travelling, so therefore I always force myself to continue to the highest point even if I can feel the panic rising in my throat. Luckily I really enjoy grand views, so it's all worth it in the end anyway.

That day when we spent hours and hours in a lounge chair by the lake. Occasionally cooled down in the clear water, fell asleep in the sun, and read hundreds of pages in well thumbed books.


And some fragments of an evening when the sunset was unreal and we were people watching on the pier. 



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