Let's have a look at what's happened lately:

▸ I've been wearing all black (almost) every day for two weeks now. It's just so comforting in a way? Plus, I feel more coherent, not just outfit wise, but mentally too? 

▸ I've been studying. A lot. Right now I'm working on the assessments that are due 16 January, as well as trying to keep up on in class course work = shit loads of work to do. But I'm enjoying it (okay, maybe not the quants, but oh well), so it doesn't matter.

For anyone who wants to know what the British weather is like in November. 🙃

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Jennifer Stroud ♀ (@jennif.stroud)

▸ I got soaked in the rain from hell that enfolded the city last Monday. I walked the 15 minutes to Morrisons to buy food, and when I got home my coat was literally DRIPPING of water.

▸ the notorious flood surprised me on Wednesday morning when I wanted to go for a run along the river. Hopefully this winter won't be as bad as the last one... 

▸ my skin has started breaking out in rashes again :(( My eczema always gets so much worse in the winter, and I guess the uni workload + stress isn't helping.

▸ I've attended a conference that CWS organised in celebration of Stevi Jackson's amazing work. They had invited so many cool speakers, and I got a little starstruck (forever fangirling academics). Afterwards THIS CAKE HAPPENED. Most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

▸ I've procrastinated a lot by hanging out in the CWS common room, eating leftover cake, chatting about important things (e.g. epistemology, and dogs with short legs), and not felt bad about the work I'm not doing - which makes me kind of proud, since I'm the worst for beating myself up when I'm not working "hard enough" (like, what does that even mean?).


▸ the sky has gone through the whole spectrum of colours every night as the sun sets. I find the view from my kitchen window very dystopian, in a good way. 

▸ I've been catching up on Planet Earth II, all wrapped up in my feather duvet and sipping on glögg. 

▸ I've spent several hours browsing second hand bookshops, and came home with these little treasures for only £6! 

▸ and on Saturday I went to a Christmas/Birthday/Housewarming party that Josie, a girl in my class, threw. We ate saffron buns (!!) and crisps with edible glitter, admired their pretty Christmas tree, talked about feminism and planned the revolution. <3