Hello from a grainy webcam, I just wanted to check in on you and say hi, I'm alive! Right now ↑ I'm working on the outline of an essay while drinking coffee and eating chocolate, all wrapped up in my new sweater that is soft as a kitten. I've been so busy with life (studying, attending seminars, using SPSS for the first time in years, trying to not get lost on campus, buying chairs + eating veggie balls with Fatou at IKEA, spending time with Otto, reading, eating, sleeping, etc.) that there hasn't been any time left for internet at all. But let's fast forward through the past two weeks:

Having gone through various bedroom facing North throughout my life, it really feels like such a luxury to have the sun filling my bed/my fort in the mornings.

A little piece of the CWS common room, with a smiling Èlia in the background. 

A cute and troubled little friend I met in town one day. 

One day when I was walking back from uni and this cherry tree was a red cloud. 

A walk along the river in the golden October sun. 

And some Scandi study fuel that Otto's mum sent me - so cute. 

I've lived in York for almost a month now, I've survived the first weeks of uni, and started to piece together the chaos of newness to a coherent everyday life. My brain is constantly buzzing of ideas, thoughts, and inspiration - I feel so intellectually stimulated, and so privileged to be able to fully immerse myself in the world of academia. Even if that means that I'm completely exhausted 9/10 times that I get home from uni, and need 30 mins of recovery time in bed to feel like a human again.

My favourite person was in York Wednesday-Monday!! Cutest tourist I've ever seen.

It rained most of the time he was here (I thought Edinburgh was rainy, but nope, York is even rainier...) but the rain emptied the streets and we got to experience York without tourists, so it was okay anyway. We also:  

Ate breakfast in bed (one day we also ate a whole cheese board in bed while watching House of Cards, hehe). 

Studied in various places, here in a trendy café with amazing coffee. 

And walked along the City Walls in the evening sun. Look at the view over York Minster, how is that even real? York is such a magical (and very, very English) place. Anyway, hope you enjoyed that little pick n mix of life the past two weeks, and that October is treating you well. I really hope I can find more time to spend in here, but now: back to essay writing!