a haircut, snow, and fish tacos

I wanted to publish this post during the start of the week, but OH MY GOD, I cannot believe how little time I have (and how much stuff I need to squeeze into those hours) nowadays. But oh well, better late than never I suppose.




As you might remember, I've been growing my hair for the last few months. However, the last couple of weeks it's been completely out of hand, so I persuaded Otto to cut it for me. Sitting on the edge of his cold bathtub, I felt the hair land on my back as the scissors cut it off. Otto was a bit nervous and muttered things like: "making your boyfriend with a shaved head cut your hair", "white people hair is weird" and "oh God, oh God", while I continuously reassured him that it's only hair, and hair grows. 





But look at it, it turned out great! The pixie is back! The first couple of days I winced every time I looked in the mirror, because I didn't recognise myself. It's so odd how much a little hair can change the shape of your face and enhance certain features.

Not last Saturday, but the Saturday before that, Fatou and I spent the day transcribing interviews in a café, and when we stepped out in the cold again it started to snow. SNOW. Finally!! We were jumping and dancing and laughing the whole way home, and tried to catch the snowflakes on our tongues. 


The next day, we had to go for a walk to feel the snow crunch under our boots before it melted away.


We walked along Regent Road, where you have the best view of Arthur's Seat. This city still blows my mind with its beauty. It needs more snow though.

And up on Calton Hill, where tourists were posing for photos in front of the spectacular views, before we headed back home to study again. We thought. Instead we fell asleep on the sofa and woke up 1.5h later, so confused but with that fuzzy warmth of mid-day naps tingling in our bodies. 

Otto and I have cooked some pretty great dinners lately, e.g. falafel wraps with roasted courgettes and peppers, feta cheese cream, spring onions and hummus = everything that's tasty. With the leftovers we made fish tacos with pulled salmon (after this recipe, in Swedish unfortunately), and avocado and tomato salsa. And oh my God, it was absolutely amazing!! I could eat this every day for the rest of my life and still be happy. And no, I'm not exaggerating.

Slow mornings with Otto is my favourite thing right now. To slumber while listening to how the city slowly comes to life after the night, the seagulls whining in the wind and the school bell ringing on the other side of the street. We make breakfast, sometimes croissants, sometimes porridge, always grapefruit, and always coffee. The condense veils the windows, and we pretend that the outside world doesn’t exist. 

But sadly, most days I'm on the bus to uni before the sun has gone up, fighting the winter storms and stressing to get to class in time. I really wish I had more time right now, because if I did I would've spent it in here. I miss internet, and I miss all the amazing people who hang here. But instead I'm sitting on the 3rd floor in QMU, transcribing until my fingers cramp, slowly building a fort around me with used coffee mugs and notes. Help.