Monday: Kelvingrove, Life on Mars, and the No Meat-Pact.

Okay, so since I basically don't use my big old DSLR anymore but prefer to bring the Zenit instead, I've realised that if this blog ever is going to keep on living I need to stop being so pretentious and just start posting more photos from my phone. So here's a short post about what I did on Monday:

On the train with Otto, on our way to Glasgow and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, with matching coffee and books. I'm re-reading Harry Potter now and it's great to disappear into the magical world of JK Rowling again. It's the first time I read it in English though and I never realised that the books are so witty?! 

After some secondhand browsing for cameras we arrived at Kelvingrove! It's a massive and beautiful building, half of which is a museum, and the other half a gallery with amazing and fancy art (e.g. this by Dalí). 

We started with the museum part, to save the best for last.  

There's an organ recital every day at 1 pm that we of course had to listen to. The first song was a psalm, then this magical and surreal thing happened. I had goosebumps all over my body, and Otto and I agreed that because of this, we will always remember the day David Bowie died. Also, some guy filmed it too and posted it on Facebook and the video went viral?! So gutted that I missed my 15 mins of fame. 

After a quick lunch at the café we continued with the art side. So Harry Potter-esk! Very fitting for my mood and mindset. We found some new favourites and rediscovered some old ones.

We left just in time to see the building bathe in the most incredible light, with a rainbow right across the sky. We had bought off-peak tickets for the train (because it's £10 cheaper) which meant that we had to take the train back either before 16.40 or after 18.30, and since we were freezing and it was rainy and wet, we decided to take the early train back.

Later on THIS masterpiece dinner happened: grilled mackerel with garlic and paprika, crushed potatoes mixed with spring onion, and steamed broccoli, topped with a mustard and saffron vinaigrette. It was so unbelievably good. And some food news: Otto and I realised that we eat way too much meat, so we decided to go pescetarian until the end of January, and then decide if we want to continue or not. If you followed my old blog you know that I had an eating disorder in my early teenage years, and previously I didn't want to risk to fall into old habits by putting food restrictions on my diet (e.g. going vegetarian), but now I feel that I'm in so much control that there won't be any problems.