Edinburgh: lightleaks and lightshows

Let's have a look at Edinburgh through the lens of my Zenith: 

Back in October when the trees were still dressed in leaves, filtering the hazy sunlight. 

And the ground was covered in all colours of autumn. 

And a windy walk up Arthur's Seat with Fatou. 

Another time we had coffee and cake at the Elephant House. We talked about first year, when everything was new and exciting and scary, and wrote Christmas cards to our Irish family. 

With this view outside the window. 

The day before I flew to Sweden for Christmas, Otto and I had our own little mini-Christmas. Apart from Italian meatballs and taking the wrong bus home, it also involved the Another Minimalism exhibition at the Fruit Market Gallery. This was my favourite piece. And my favourite person, of course. 

And finally, the dusk descending over the roof tops of Edinburgh.