Piggaboda: ducks, snow, and a blue dawn

Some 35mm photos from Piggaboda. Every time uni chaos hits I want to escape here, deep into the forest where the silence lives. Spend my days with the animals, go for walks, lose myself in books, and just breathe. But instead the final draft of my dissertation is due in two weeks and I spend my days staring into screens. It's okay though, I'm in no position to complain at all, because I really do love studying. Also, the past few weeks I've been in such a good study flow, probably due to how absurd and amazing it is to see how the dissertation takes shape, to realise that it's all coming together. That it's becoming something, rather than just being an abstract concept. My very own work. How odd. 

Also, some of you asked if you could read the essay I wrote on pornography in the beginning of this year, I didn't want to share it before it had been marked (because of plagiarism etc.) but since we finally got our grades back a couple of days ago, you can now find it here if you're curious!