Merry post-Christmas!

Christmas Eve morning with Johanna, Bamse and Hugo  ♥

Christmas Eve morning with Johanna, Bamse and Hugo

I've kept away from my the outside world and ignored social media completely for the last week. It's been a nice little break. Instead I've eaten enough chocolate to feed a small town, read Harry Potter, slumbered in the sofa in front of the open fire, gone for endless walks in the forest, and spent time with my family. On Christmas Eve we had a typically Swedish Christmas (with dopp i grytan and Donald Duck), and on Christmas Day we invited some close family friends to indulge in British traditions. It's been great, and today it got even better when I woke up to a winter wonderland, still half asleep I stumbled out in the snow, laughing with joy. I really am like a little kid when it comes to snow.

I fly back home to Edinburgh on Wednesday, but before that I'm going to eat more chocolate and continue to ignore the outside world. Hope you've had a nice holiday and talk to you soon!