2015: favourite analogue photos

Each December I usually sum up the past year, month by month, but this time I'm going to do it a bit differently. 2015 was amazing in so many ways (even if it was very stressful as well), and I've been (am) so happy? Like, truly and utterly happy. 

One of the best things about 2015 is that I found my passion for photography again, this time it was through the lens of an old, dusty Zenit (sounds so cliché, but whatever). So to celebrate that, let's have a look at my 10 favourite analogue photos from the year!

This photo is from my very first roll of film, it's super blurry (like 2/3 of that roll, it took a while before I learned how to focus properly) but I still love it. It's of a group of kids playing with soap bubbles on the Royal Mile, and I managed to capture the exact moment when one of the bubbles popped.

I took this one when I was in Sweden during the summer, capturing a typical scene of my dad and brother, fixing something for the lawnmower. It has the luckiest light leak which frames the moment in such a dramatic way.

One from Fatou's visit to Sweden during the summer, when we (Fatou, Jenny and I) had proper Swedish fika. I love the grain and the depth of focus (and Fatou's model hand, of course). 

I love this photo because of obvious reasons (i.e. hot boyfriend without a shirt), but also because it was taken during the three weeks I stayed at Otto's place. It was freaking scary at first, but it brought us so close and I am still amazed by how easy it was to live together.

From Cetinje in Montenegro, I love the contrast between the shadows and the pastel colours. 

Two men in Kolasin, buying cigarettes from a tobacco shop. Looking at it gives me the same surreal feeling I had during the Montenegro road trip, it really is the most amazingly country I've visited. 

This one from Kotor hurts my soul. I mean, look at those shadows?? and the grain?? So dreamy. 

I love this photo so much. I took it during an afternoon in Kotor, when Otto and I escaped the mid-day heat in the flat we were renting. We drank espresso and ate chocolate croissants that we'd bought from a bakery, the pedestrian murmur from the street below filled the room and the bedsheets felt cold against my skin. I remember that I was so genuinely happy, and I wanted the moment to last forever. Luckily I can hold onto it, and keep it through this photo. 

Another one from Kotor. I have a soft spot for lines and shadows, and this photo is the perfect combination of both.

This photo is taken during our day trip to Perast, where we had ice cream and got a bit delirious in the heat - or maybe from the dreamy surroundings. Also, Otto is too cute and patient when I force him to pose for photos.

I still have a couple of rolls from 2015 to develop, and I'm so excited to see how they turn out. For 2016 I'll however try to post more of my photos here on the blog, instead of letting them dust away on my laptop.