4th year chaos//existential crisis


Okay, how is it Friday already? The week has gone by way too fast, the chaos that is fourth year wolfed it down without a second thought. The methodology chapter of my dissertation is due today, but since asking oneself questions like “what is ‘reality’?”, “what is ‘knowledge’?”, “how do I explain the lives of others without violating their reality?” easily lures the brain into the void of IS THIS REAL LIFE??? - let's just say it's been a very unproductive week. Luckily today’s deadline is not set in stone and I have a very understanding supervisor, so it’s okay.

Apart from trying to write my way through the existential crisis (i.e. my dissertation), I have spent the week mailing important people with fancy titles who have agreed to take part in a focus group for my dissertation research (absolutely terrifying); playing pool, I'm hopelessly bad but I have a very patient and encouraging boyfriend so it's okay; and watching the 5th of November fireworks from our living room. It might not sound super exciting, but life feels great right now. I'm happy, even in moments of uni panic.

Okay, now I really need to study, but I just wanted to say hi and update you on life. Speak to you soon!