Hello, I'm alive.

Photo by  Johanna

Photo by Johanna

Some photos my super talented sister took of me when I was back in Sweden in November, she's such an amazing photographer right? It's so great to work together, to hear her thoughts and ideas, to test each other's cameras and be nerdy about photography together. She's the best and it sucks that we're separated by the North Sea. But luckily I get to see her on Wednesday again!! Can't wait. 

I've been out of contact for a while now, the reason being uni. I've had a couple of hectic weeks of studying, and almost lost my sanity because of it. But I've had the last exam of my degree (LAST exam, can you believe it?), and now I've only got 4 essays + dissertation left before I graduate. It's so, so weird to think about. Anyway, apart from sitting an exam I've spent the week catching up on lost sleep, donated blood, watched the last episodes of Fargo, been to the Christmas Market twice, and finally had time to read. Today I'm having the first interview for my dissertation (so excited, but also a little bit nervous), and tomorrow I'm going to celebrate Christmas with Otto before I fly to Sweden on Monday. 

Also, as you probably can tell by the photos, I'm letting my hair grow. I need some winter fur now that it's getting colder. I haven't decided how long yet, but I really, really like the length it is right now. Although, I haven't missed the whole bed head/Stig Helmer thing in the morning... how do people have patience with hair?? I don't get it.