October Snapshots

I give you some left overs from October, in a format inspired by (i.e. copied from) Alexandra

1. The beginning of October and I'm on the bus to uni, unbearably early because the uni chaos that usually starts in November is apparently an October thing when you're in fourth year. The sea glimmers seductively in the golden dawn, and I just have to get off. I walk along the beach, with Debussy playing in my ears. When I arrive at QMU, an hour after schedule, my cheeks are rosy from the crisp morning air and my head feels ten times lighter. 

2. I see two adorable ladies walking down Leith Walk in matching perfection, they are laughing loudly and speaking with the coarsest Scottish accent I've heard. I take a photo and send it to Fatou with the caption "this is us when we get older", she replies "So we like pink then?"

3. I spend endless hours in our living room, writing reading writing reading writing, trying to compensate the lack of sleep with caffeine and sugar. Outside the window the weather acts out the whole repertoire of autumn, from lashing rain to hazy sunshine. 

4. It's morning on Lorne Street and I probably should have started studying hours ago, but who cares when there are coffee and warm beds? And especially when you can share it with this guy.  

5. The last morning of October is the dampest, most autumnal October morning ever. A week later, when the November storms reign over Edinburgh, the trees will be wiped bare of leaves, but for now they are still wearing their autumn dress in all its glory. I walk slowly through the drowsy streets, inhaling the sweet smell of decomposition, listening to the murmurs of the waking city. 


6. Halloween. We can't be bothered with dressing up and parties and people, so instead we order thai and carve pumpkins. It's Otto's first pumpkin carving ever, and I laugh until I cry when he prances through the kitchen in excitement.