Welcome to my new internet corner! Having blogged at jenniferstroud.blogg.se for years, I figured that it was about time that I got my own little place. So exciting!! Let's kick it off with the customary introduction of the author. 

This is me, making The Face that's an obligatory part of my outfit photos. I usually don't blog in English, but since speaking and writing in Swedish has come to feel like I'm trying to squeeze into outgrown clothes, I decided to give it a go in English instead. However, since I'm not a native speaker (yet, hehe), please bear with the silly mistakes I'm inevitably going to make. 

(especially you Otto, no bullying allowed :*)


I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere in southern Sweden, in a tiny village called Piggaboda - which is a hilarious name both in Swedish and English. I lived and grew together with the forest, alongside cows and cats, learnt how to drive a tractor and to predict the weather by the shape of the clouds. It was a blissful, quiet and solitary childhood. I miss the heavy silence of the forest every day, even though my restless soul isn't fit for the isolation that it entails. 

I currently live in Edinburgh where I study Psychology & Sociology at Queen Margaret University. I had never even been in Scotland before I stepped of the plane with my whole life in a suitcase; my knees were shaking and I've never been so scared in my life, but it turned out pretty great anyway. I'm now in my final year and loving it (especially the sociology parts), although I have meltdowns at least twice a week due to workload x 1000 and being the most competitive person alive.

When I'm not studying (which is very rarely nowadays) I read grand books that make my heart race, explore the hidden corners of Edinburgh with my friends, pretend to be artsy together with my cute boyfriend, and drink coffee. A lot of coffee. 


This is my cute boyfriend btw, his name is Otto and he's brilliant in every single way (except when he teases me for being uncool, which is true, but still). You'll probably see a lot of him here, but if you want more (which you do) he actually has a blog too!


I have a compulsory need to document everything around me and I feel incomplete without a camera on my shoulder. A couple of months ago I got tired of the transparency of digital photography and started to explore the world through analogue photography instead. I use an old, dusty Zenit that I bought in a market in Ukraine a couple of years back, it doesn't even have a light meter so everything really comes down to guesswork and sheer luck. It has made me attentive to light in a completely different way, and I adore the uncertainty and the raw, uncensored feeling of the photos. 

Oh, and I also travel a lot. Four years ago I promised myself to visit at least one new country every year, and so far I've been privileged enough to keep it. This year I embarked on a hectic road trip through Montenegro together with Otto; on narrow mountain roads in the lashing rain, trough misty valleys and alongside the glimmering sea. We learnt how to drink espresso in tiny cafés, explored forgotten cities, and slept in the car with the thunder roaring over our heads. Afterwards, we spent a week together with our friends in the dreamy Old Town of Kotor, where the espresso drinking continued. It was absolutely amazing. 

photo:  Otto

photo: Otto

Anyway, I could keep on talking for ages, but I realise that this post is already too long and it's time to stop. In this blog you'll find photos and stories from my life here in Edinburgh, feminist rants, texts about everything that makes me want to write my heart out, study tips, books, and the occasional cat. 

I hope you'll like it here, because I really do.