Jag heter Jennifer och det här är min blogg.

Här samlar jag vardag och äventyr, och texter om det som känns. Träning utan ångest. Och frukost, mycket frukost.


Last weekend I met up with Annabella!! She was in town together with her family and asked if I wanted to hang, and of course I said yes. We had noodles at Red Box, and it never fails to surprise me how easy it is to connect with blog friends in real life, we laughed and talked non-stop while feeding our hungry stomachs with warm noodles. 

Then I showed her around Old Town, trying my best to tell her weird myths/facts about Edinburgh. 

This is Old College by the way. I love the sooty walls, and the echo of footsteps bouncing between them.

And as always it's even more beautiful in black and white. 

Then it was time for fika!! I live for fika. We managed to find a table at Caffe Lucano (all other places were packed with people), we drank coffee and ate cake while talking about the big scary future, identity and blogging (of course).

We went to Stills which is a tiny gallery with free admission and really good exhibitions. This exhibition is a collaborative practice of Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps, which looked really good but unfortunately I was too tired to enjoy it properly.  

We passed two skeletons and a witch, and HOW ADORABLE?? 


And headed back to Princes Street as dusk started to swallow the daylight. 


We hugged goodbye one two three times and promised to meet up next time we aren't separated by the North Sea. 


Kotor, Montenegro