Postcard from Skopje, Macedonia

Just a quick little update on what is happening in life right now. Otto and I flew from London early on Saturday morning and spent two days in Skopje before continuing our travels out towards the west of Macedonia. Skopje was mesmerising, beautiful and so alive. It took ages for us to get from A to B because we constantly had to stop and point and wow at everything. We met the nicest people, made new friends and took one or two breaths of relief as the worry of racist encounters wore off with every smile (you don't want to know how much bullshit we, or rather Otto, had to put up with last summer in Montenegro). On Monday morning we hit the windy road to Mavrovo National Park with its blue mountains and still lake, but I'll show you that later because there's no time for screens when there's so much to see and do and photograph and eat. Talk to you soon! 

Trondheim, the night club degree exhibition, and a first class honours degree

During our five days in Trondheim we took the boat out to Munkholmen where we had ice cream in the sun, dipped our feet in the sea and had a stone skipping tournament. We strolled down the narrow streets skirted with wooden houses in every colour, raced up the steep hills to the Kristiansen Fortress, and got freckly in the sun. We ate the best food, had the nicest evening in Johanna's and Pär's flat, and were amazed over the perpetual daylight at this time of year up north. But the highlight of the whole trip was (of course) Johanna's degree exhibition! The work was truly incredible, I was so impressed - especially by Johanna, I'm so proud of her. They had a barbeque, a bar, a photo booth where we took funny family photos, and when time approached midnight the place turned into a night club. Johanna, Pär and I stayed and silly danced with her friends the whole night, it was so much fun. I filmed a fair bit of our trip, so as soon as I've edited the footage I'll put up a little video for you as well! 

I was so sad to leave Johanna there in Trondheim, since I haven't met her since Christmas it was the nicest thing to be able to spend so much time with her, but luckily I'll get to see her in 3 weeks again when it's my turn to graduate. At midnight on Sunday, when we were on our way home from Trondheim, they released our degree classifications. I tried to open the portal using the unreliable train wifi; with 1,000 nervous forth year students simultaneously trying to access their grades the portal expectedly crashed, and it took me two hours before I managed to log in. I teared up when I saw the words Classification: First Class at the bottom of the page, and then I broke down sobbing when I saw that I got freaking 83% on my dissertation?! I still can't believe it. As promised I've uploaded my dissertation for you to read! You can find it here if you're curious. 


Yesterday I submitted my last psychology essay ever!! Now I only have 1 essay left to write, and then I'm done with my undergraduate degree?!? So, so weird. It's about time though, because my body is aching for sun and rest, and I can't wait for summer to come. I have a feeling this summer will be amazing, this is what I've planned so far:

▸ Since I have my last assignment in the end of April, my summer begins in May already. I'll spend the month trying to squeeze out the last of my life here in Edinburgh. Doing and seeing all the things I love about this city, and I'll probably cry quite a lot too. 

▸ In the beginning of June, my sister Johanna graduates from Norsk Fotofagskole in Trondheim!! I'll be there, of course, and I can't wait until I get to see her again!! 

▸ Straight after Johanna's graduation, Otto and I are going to Macedonia for 3 weeks!! Since our last adventure in Montenegro + Dubrovnik () turned into the most amazing 2 weeks ever, it bodes well for yet another trip to the Balkans. 

▸ In the beginning of July it's time for my graduation?! My family is coming over to celebrate, and I'm already super nervous and excited. 

▸ Then I'll be going back to Sweden to spend some time in the forest. Otto will be joining me and I'm so excited to show him our little farm. 

Summer, please come soon. 

a weekend in London

Hey, long time no see! I'm an awful blogger right now, but in return I’m a good student and the happiest girlfriend. I had the nicest weekend together with Otto in London, and being back in Edinburgh with a dissertation to write is not very fun and exciting in comparison. 

On Friday I got on the bus to London while the rest of the city was sleeping and birdsong filled the cold air. I passed fields spotted with white sheep, mountains still covered in snow and cities enveloped in the thick fog, and tried to work on my dissertation while England turned into a blur outside the window. 12h later I arrived in London and was shocked by how many people can fit into a city, and once again I realised that I'm still a little farmer kid at heart. 

It was Otto's birthday and he had spent the day pretending to buy luxury cars to collect data for work, I thought it was the funniest thing since he can’t even drive. We celebrated with late night sushi and presents (I gave him a Chemex, which might be the prettiest coffee maker in the world and, luckily, it makes great coffee too), before we fell asleep in the crispy white hotel sheets, completely exhausted. 

 ♥ ♥ ♥

 ♥ ♥ ♥

We spent the weekend exploring London, and Otto showed me around in the area where he works. We went to the aquarium where we got pushed around by demon kids, and panicked over the fact that people only looked at the fishes through their phones or cameras (it felt like we had stepped into an episode of Black Mirror). We had coffee in the sun and cardamom buns at a Swedish bakery. We fell asleep in the cinema while watching Hail, Caesar! and left halfway through the film. Ate so much nice food and I inevitably (because it's impossible to find citric acid free food while eating out) broke my non-citric acid diet, it was so worth it even if I my skin flared up in rashes. And were just so, so happy to be together again.

My camera barely left my bag as I was way too busy enjoying every second, so unfortunately I don't have much else to show than the photos above. I promise I'll become a better blogger once the uni chaos is over (only 1.5 months to go?!). Hope life is treating you well, speak to you soon!

the snapped roll

During our road trip through Montenegro I managed to snap a roll inside the camera?! I obviously felt like crying, but luckily I didn't panic and, in a pitch black cabin in Biogradska Gora National Park, took out the film and rolled it up inside the film roll container. I kept the container in my makeup bag during the trip and just hoped that it would be dark enough. When I got back to Edinburgh I locked my self up in our bathroom with the light switched off, took out the film container and duct taped it to keep the light out. I really didn't think it would be enough to save any of the photos, and neither did the photo people in Boots, but LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY TURNED OUT: 

These are taken on the road between Kolašin and Morača Monastery, early one morning when we woke up next to this amazing bridge with a little farm at the other end. I love, love the light leaks from the perforation. 




And Morača Monastery, where an Orthodox priest told me that I look like Sinéad O'Connor. 


Cetinje is the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro and is such an amazing little pretend place. I mean, look at those houses? And that monastery?? And the mountain backdrop?? We never wanted to leave.

On the road between Podgorica and Kolašin, we saw the most beautiful sunset and had to stop every 500m to take photos of the majestic mountains that skirted the road. 

And finally, Budva in the setting sun. 

Kotor, Montenegro

I finally developed my last rolls of film from Montenegro. These are taken in Kotor, and I'm so happy with how they turned out!! I love the cinematic mood, and there's a warm, fuzzy feeling of excitement blasting through my body when I look at them, which must be a good sign. 

(also, it seems to be a problem with connecting my blog to bloglovin', but I've mailed them so hopefully it'll be solved asap)